“The Walkabout”: A Walk through the Australian Desert

“The Walkabout”:

A walk through the Australian Desert.


It seems that person’s tastes  are outlined as teenagers and deepen in the early youth. We are servants of our findings that we are unable to transform; that so feared, but comforting, routine. Life goes on and sometimes ,someone or something shakes you, and if you are brave; it changes you no least enhances your point of view.
‘Walkabout’ is a film about a tour in the Australian outback called a ‘no man ‘s land’ ; a rocky desert, with small trees and water wells that spring magically. A land that runs from an extensive plain to sharp stone hills. A journey to nature, to the wild. It’s the ordinary name given by the Aboriginal habitants to the 16 years boy survival will be performed alone for six months, in the immense heartland of the continent-island.
The tale is about a rite of passage, but not an initiation to adulthood, but two.



Two brothers escape from their father which took to spend an afternoon snack in the desert that ends dreadfully. The audience falls in desolation when the protagonists go into nature and check that their chances of survival are in short supply. The kid is six, the girl is 16, just the arrival of an aboriginal boy in journey saves them.
Cooked and raw, butchery and hunting, shotguns and spears, the civilized and the indigenous … Between the girl and the boy arises a certain attraction, both know it, both fight against it, and both lose. The boy’s candid soul is more sober, the girl’s soul is practical; she leads the future effort to create a suitable marriage like her parents.

There are some derivations regarding the novel, giving a more tragic aspect to the adventures of the three characters. Perhaps the most radical is the way the brothers are lost in that dry forest, red soil, dying animals and ruthless sun. In the original James Vance Marshall’s novel, the brothers are left alone after a plane crash.

Lucien John

Lucien John Roeg

In the movie, the father turns against his children.

The actual life of the protagonists is interesting. The kid, Lucien John Roeg, director’s son, works in British Cinematrography as an assistant director under the name Luc Roeg.

Jenny Agutter

Jenny Agutter

The girl, Jenny Agutter, is currently one of those stylish ladies of British cinema reminiscent of that girl who was swimming naked in the film.

David Gulpilil

David Gulpilil

And the boy, David Gulpilil, charismatic, became a celebrity in his country. In addition to his skills as a traditional dancer and hunter, he is an activist for the Aboriginal Rights and supports many acts for the appraisal of traditional culture.  In 2004, he won the award for best actor in the Festival de Cannes. Perhaps some form of fatality is taken up from the frames, powerless to sum up these two worlds; how the interference of civilization tries to spoil and not negotiate with the natural world (geological research, workshop genuinely Aboriginal art, the forsaken mine town). The warm boy’s dance that induces terror and afterward indifference in the girl; the driving force of nature, rain, blood…

There are many images, many ideas and many proposals: Walkabout, Nicholas Roeg, Australia, 1971.  A breakthrough.


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